So, who are you?

And how did you land here? I welcome you to leave a comment.

Most people end up coming to me through referral.  At some point I’ll begin asking people to write up what I’ve done for their horses but before then, let’s discuss why you might be here and how I might be able to help you.

  • You might, yourself, be a whole foods or health conscious eater who has begun to question what that stuff in the bag you feed your horse really is – and suspect there is a better way. What ARE wheat middlings, anyway?
  • Your horse might be suffering from laminitis or is showing signs of metabolic syndrome and you are unsure of how to feed it. You are pretty sure that Equine Senior is not a good idea, but not sure how to formulate a low sugar, low starch diet that covers all your horses needs but doesn’t cause him further issues.
  • You might have a horse who has ulcers and behavioral issues and you suspect that they are related to how he is being fed but you don’t know what else to do.
  • Your horse is eating a LOT of food and is still thin and lacking muscle.
  • Your horses feet are a hot mess and your farrier is about to quit because he can’t keep a shoe on your horse for love or money.
  • You are spending a tremendous amount of money on supplements and the problem you are trying to solve remains a problem.
  • Your veterinarian is unable to help you other than to recommend brands of feed.
  • You run a large boarding barn and your grain costs are out the roof.
  • You rehabilitate Off The Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) and you need to let them down while putting weight and muscle on them – and not make them act crazy.

There are many other reasons that people consult with me but these are the top nine that I see regularly.  Luckily, beginning with reworking your horses diet to a forage first, nutrition second, calories third program is not that difficult. I use a program that calculates nutritional values for what your horse is currently eating and then we work together to find solutions that work to eliminate your horses issues.  We finish with a balanced diet and then you let me know how things are going.  Change is never seen over night, although sometimes behavioral issues evaporate quickly.  Weight and muscle gain takes time.  Laminitis and metabolic issues give you NO time to mess around so those diets are put in place immediately and tweaked as necessary.

So take a minute and let me know why you’re here.  If it’s one of those nine reasons, think about getting started soon. If it’s laminitis or metabolic issues, please do not wait too long.  Laminitis is easier to prevent than recover from.

As far as the feed label goes.. that’s what you see on an average feed bag.  This is NOT an ingredient list, but the analysis of what is in the bag.  It’s what’s IN THE BAG that is always in question.  That’s why I feed oats, alfalfa pellets and Uckele supplements.  I always know what’s in the bag and so will you.

I look forward to hearing your stories!

3 thoughts on “So, who are you?

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve used Gayle’s feed/whole-horse mentorship twice – first, for my aging Arabian who suffered from mental issues and second, for my OTTB who was transitioning off the track into the second career. The feed change (especially with careful attention to magnesium along with copper and zinc) truly helped my Arabian find some mental balance..most likely for the first time in his life. Under her care he remained solidly healthy for the remainder of his days. And to the whole-horse-credit, Gayle was the only trimmer who was able to understand and correctly trim his upright/club hoof. Gayle’s feed advice (along with help toward some good deworming and chiro!) also helped my OTTB transition smoothly into his first year by moving from his former sweet feed onto a more balanced diet. I know it played a role in helping him have a good first year off-track (sane mind, regrowing out new hoof) – and for anyone who knows OTTBs, the first year is THE most important year!


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