It’s Fall ~ Be Safe!

It’s fall and the weather, as we like to to call it, has begun.

Personally I hate the cold weather and prefer it to be hot. But not everyone does, I see posts all over Facebook about how it’s finally riding weather.

I also see a lot of posts about people coming OFF their horses.

It’s easy to forget that horses are really optimally comfortable around 45 degrees. Temperatures above that are likely to slow them down, even just a bit, and of course when you get up into the 80’s and 90’s even fit horses are affected by the heat.

So if you are excited about the cooler weather and are making plans to ride, please..

Wear your helmet. If you plan to school cross country or even go hack baby or green horses around, consider a vest.

Don’t assume your made, older horse is going to be himself. Even the sanest ones can get a little wild this time of year.

Take extra precautions going into fields with horses loose. They tend to be spookier in this weather and much more unpredictable. Don’t get yourself into a dangerous spot.

It’s also hunting season in a lot of places. Be smart. Wear orange and don’t ride where you don’t have permission. Hunters should know you aren’t a deer but it’s too late once you’ve been shot. Also a lot of horses are frightened by gun fire, so be thoughtful about this.

Be aware that other people are going to be doing other activities at this time of year..hiking, biking, ATV sports. You may encounter them when you have not before.

What other safety precautions do you take when the seasons change?