Introducing Withalottalove!

Wholelottalove  Day OneSo I have to admit that I have been telling everyone the wrong name.  His name is Withalottalove and he’s by Not For Love out of Tekawitha.  If you’re a TB person you probably know that Not For Love died last month.  He was known for putting lovely sport horses on the ground.  Not For Love’s dam line also produced the amazing horse Private Account, who remains one of my all time favorite sires for producing rideability and athleticism.    Withalottalove’s dam line is purely Canadian, which is probably where his substance comes from. They grow them big up there!

He’s seven and had seven starts, one win and nothing else to show for his racing career. He then left the track and was trail ridden for a few years along with a little dressage training.  I’ve wanted a Not For Love for quite a while now, wanted another red head for quite a while and he fell into my lap.  So here he is, all 16.3 hands of sweetness and seven year old happiness.  I adore him.

We hacked around the farm a few days ago and he acted like he’d lived here his whole life. I’m sure every day won’t be that perfect but it was a nice way to start.  I’ll keep updating his progress as he gains some muscle and we work on getting his feet into tip-top shape. He’s already had his teeth done and will see the chiropractor soon.  I am hoping he will be a keeper for me but that will depend on what he wants to do with himself.

Welcome to your new home, Love. We are happy you’re here.

One thought on “Introducing Withalottalove!

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Horses are just magical creatures 🙂

    They have a lot of love and companionship in them. Kinda like big dogs lol


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